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Social Media
Marketing Course 

Building Your Brand Through Social Media

Turning Followers Into Clients

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Presented by Dayle Sheehan,
Founder & CEO at Dayle Sheehan Website + Social Media Consultng.

Dayle Sheehan is the lead designer at Dayle Sheehan Website Design + Social Media Consulting as well as Dayle Sheehan Interior Design Inc. Dayle’s blend of understanding colour, aesthetics, balance, and scale from her design background has helped her bring clients brands to life. She loves all things design, fashion, travel, food, family, and fun. Her positive attitude and love of life are evident in everything she does. Dayle’s experience and expertise combined with her client's own style and colour sensibilities are what create the brand they always dreamt of but couldn’t achieve on their own.


Dayle not only is a passionate website designer, she is also an interior designer, public speaker, entrepreneur, advocate, social media consultant, Top 40 Under 40 winner, she is a thought, and Instagram influencer.

In this webinar we will cover...

And More!

  • Learn the Science behind Online Marketing


  • Identify the Key Factors to have your Brand Stand Out Online


  • 2 Hours of In-Person or Zoom | FaceTime | Skype Training with Dayle


  • Goal Setting Seminar


  • Apps + Tools the Pro’s Use


  • 30 Days of Social Media Posts Tailored to your Brand that you can start using immediately 


  • Call to Action Examples

Bonus E-Book Included!

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