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Are you an author who's looking to monetize your expertise? 

As a best-selling published author and entrepreneur I LOVE working with other authors to make their business dreams a reality! 

Often the cost of a professional website is a block for businesses to get started and I want to see you thrive.


Don't let technology overwhelm and stop you from chasing your dreams. My author template is simple and can completely customized just for you and your brand.

What You Get

Lead Generation Capability Built-In

All Navigation Tools Set-Up

Professionally Designed Desktop & Mobile Sites That Can Easily be Customized To Your Brand

Easy to Change Images that Are Formatted For The Site

Let Your Readers Learn More About You

Amazon Store Integration Built-In That Leads Buyers To Your Book On Amazon

A Chance to Tell Your Readers About The Services You Offer

Call-To-Action to Contact You and Begin Working Together

Share What Other's Are Saying About You, Your Book and Your Services

Live Instagram Feed That Automatically Updates the Website When You Post on Instagram

Links to All Of Your Social Media

How It Works

Buy The Template

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